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Jura Smart 3 pcs. (Original)



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Jura Smart 71794 3 pcs.

A filter that provides optimum filtration of the water needed to prepare your beverage, while protecting your coffee machine from limescale deposits.

It filters exactly the amount of water needed to prepare a portion of your beverage.

The Jura Smart 71794 filter guarantees fresh, clean water that enhances the true taste of your coffee.

It ensures that every cup is free of unwanted impurities and unpleasant aftertastes.

The filtration technology provides optimum protection for your coffee machine against limescale, ensuring a longer service life.

By using genuine Jura filters, you are investing in the quality and excellence of every sip.

Don’t let anything get in the way of your daily coffee enjoyment.

Product features:

  • Effective removal of limescale deposits, heavy metals and unwanted odours.
  • Preservation of beneficial minerals in the water.
  • Ensuring clean water for the best quality coffee.
  • Protecting your coffee machine from sediment-related damage.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Jura
  • Model: Smart 71794
  • Capacity: 50 litres (equivalent to approximately 400 cups)
  • Service life: Up to 2 months from first use.

Important information:

The Smart filter should be changed after filtering 50 litres of water or every 2 months. Changing the filters regularly guarantees high quality coffee preparation and protects the coffee machine from limescale deposits.

Fits models:

  • Z8
  • Z6
  • J6
  • S8
  • S80
  • E series
  • ENA 8
  • D60
  • WE6
  • WE8

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Additional information

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