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Yellow T-Disc + 2 Tablets



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Aqualogis T-Disc for Tassimo Service Cleaning Disc and Descaling Tablets

2 x High Quality German Made Descaling Tablets 

1 x Yellow Service T-Disc cleaning Disk for Tassimo drinks machines

Please note: If you used Orange disc – this won’t work in your coffee maker

Aqualogis Service T Disc compatible with Tassimo Bosch Brown – Yellow disc

Replacement of part number: 00611632, 00617771, 00576836, 00621101, 17001490, 611632, 617771, 576836, 621101

Fits to Tassimo coffee machine models:

TA1000, TA1080, TA1100, TA1200 and TA1400 Series models

Tassimo Vivy, T12, TAS12xx

Vivy 2: T14, TAS14xx

Amia: T20, TAS20xx 

Suny: T32, T37, TAS32xx TAS37xx 

Fidelia: T40, T42, TAS40xx TAS42xx  

Fidelia+: T65, T85, TAS65xx  TAS85xx

This Coffee Maker T – Disc fits the following Bosch Coffee-Machines :

TAS1202GB/01, TAS1202GB/02, TAS1204/01, TAS1204/02, TAS1204CH/01, TAS1204CH/02, TAS1204EE/01, TAS1204EE/02, TAS1204GB/01, TAS1204GB/02, TAS2001/01, TAS2001/02, TAS2001/03, TAS2001/04, TAS2001/05, TAS2001/06, TAS2001CH/01, TAS2001CH/02, TAS2001CH/03, TAS2001CH/04, TAS2001CH/05, TAS2001CH/06, TAS2001DE1/01, TAS2001EE/03, TAS2001EE/04, TAS2001EE/05, TAS2001EE/06, TAS2001GB/01, TAS2001GB/02, TAS2001GB/03, TAS2001GB/04, TAS2001GB/05, TAS2001GB/06, TAS2001KR/03, TAS2001KR/04, TAS2001UC/01, TAS2001UC/02, TAS2001UC8/02, TAS2001UC8/03, TAS2001UC8/04, TAS2001UC8/05, TAS2001UC8/06, TAS2002GB/02, TAS2002GB/03, TAS2002GB/04, TAS2002GB/05, TAS2002GB/06, TAS4000GB/15, TAS4011/01, TAS4011/03, TAS4011/05, TAS4011/07, TAS4011/09, TAS4011/11, TAS4011/13, TAS4011/15, TAS4011AT1/01, TAS4011AT1/03, TAS4011AT1/05, TAS4011AT1/07, TAS4011AT1/09, TAS4011AT1/11, TAS4011AT1/13, TAS4011AT1/15, TAS4011CH/01, TAS4011CH/03, TAS4011CH/05, TAS4011CH/07, TAS4011CH/09, TAS4011CH/11, TAS4011CH/13, TAS4011CH/15, TAS4011CH1/01, TAS4011CH1/03, TAS4011CH1/05, TAS4011CH1/07, TAS4011DE/15, TAS4011DE1/01, TAS4011DE1/03, TAS4011DE1/05, TAS4011DE1/07, TAS4011DE1/09, TAS4011DE1/11, TAS4011DE1/13, TAS4011DE1/15, TAS4011DE2/05, TAS4011DE2/07, TAS4011DE2/09, TAS4011DE2/11, TAS4011DE2/13, TAS4011DE2/15, TAS4011EE/09, TAS4011EE/11, TAS4011EE/13, TAS4011EE/15, TAS4011ES1/05, TAS4011ES1/07, TAS4011ES1/09, TAS4011ES1/11, TAS4011ES1/13, TAS4011ES1/15, TAS4011FR1/01, TAS4011FR1/03, TAS4011FR1/05, TAS4011FR1/07, TAS4011FR2/05, TAS4011FR2/07, TAS4011FR2/09, TAS4011FR2/11, TAS4011FR2/13, TAS4011FR2/15, TAS4011GB/01, TAS4011GB/03, TAS4011GB/05, TAS4011GB/07, TAS4011GB/09, TAS4011GB/11, TAS4011GB/13, TAS4011GB/15, TAS4011MILKA00, TAS4012GB/01, TAS4012GB/03, TAS4012GB/05, TAS4012GB/07, TAS4012GB/09, TAS4012GB/11, TAS4012GB/13, TAS4012GB/15, TAS4013GB/03, TAS4013GB/05, TAS4013GB/07, TAS4013GB/09, TAS4013GB/11, TAS4013GB/13, TAS4013GB/15, TAS4211GB/09, TAS4211GB/11, TAS4211GB/13, TAS4211GB/15, TAS4212GB/09, TAS4212GB/11, TAS4212GB/13, TAS4212GB/15, TAS4213GB/09, TAS4213GB/11, TAS4213GB/13, TAS4213GB/15, TAS4615UC/03, TAS4615UC/05, TAS4615UC8/05, TAS4615UC8/06, TAS4616UC8/05, TAS4616UC8/06, TAS6515GB/01, TAS6515GB/03, TAS6515GB/05, TAS6515GB/07, TAS6515GB/09, TAS6515GB/11, TAS6515GB/13, TAS6515GB/15, TAS8520GB/05, TAS8520GB/07, TAS8520GB/09, TAS8520GB/11, TAS8520GB/13 

Descale twice a month if you live in a hard water area – use 2 tablets

Descale every other month if you live in a soft water area – use 2 tablet

Delivered individually wrapped in airtight packaging

Please note this is a compatible spare part not manufactured or sold by Tassimo

Additional information

Weight 0.05 g
Dimensions 2 × 5 × 6 cm





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