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Krups Coffee Machine Set Claris Filter F088 01, Degreasing tablets XS3000, Descaling Sashets YX103401 F054



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Krups Coffee Machine Set


  • Krups filter F088 01
  • Descaler YX103401 F054
  • Degreasing tablets for the coffee machine – KRUPS XS3000 10 pcs.

Genuine Krups Water Filter F088 01

The original Claris F088 01 Screw-in Water Filter is an indispensable accessory for any coffee lover using Krups brand coffee machines. Its main advantage is that it significantly reduces the build-up of limescale in the machine, which not only prolongs the life of the machine but also maintains its high performance. In addition, the filter has a significant impact on the quality of the brewed coffee – improving its aroma and taste, which is particularly important for connoisseurs of this beverage. The ease of installation and replacement of the filter are further advantages that make its use convenient and hassle-free. This makes the Claris F088 01 water filter a practical and economical choice that definitely raises the standard of everyday coffee brewing.

Product features:

  • The filter prevents limescale build-up in appliances.
  • Prolongs the life of the appliances.
  • Improves the aroma and taste of brewed coffee.
  • The automatic coffee machine does not need to be descaled as often as in the absence of the filter.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Claris
  • Model: F088 01
  • Filter type: Screw-in
  • Capacity: 50 litres
  • Number of units per set: 1
  • Period of operation: Up to 2 months from first use

Important information:

Always remove the filter from the coffee machine from the water container when performing the descaling procedure. If you accidentally forget to do so, the filter must be removed and replaced with a new one after the decalcification process is complete.

Krups descaler YX103401 F054 – 2 Sachets

The original ANTICALC KIT F054 KRUPS descaler removes limescale deposits, limescale and impurities for the performance of your appliance and the taste of your prepared drinks.

Product features:

  • Effectively removes lime deposits and limescale.
  • Translates into improved appliance performance.
  • Ensures excellent cleanliness and longer use of appliances.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Krups
  • Application: For coffee machines
  • Type: Original
  • Colour: White
  • Packaging: Cardboard box
  • Unit: set
  • Number of sachets: 2 x 40g
  • Manufacturer code: F054001A

Krups XS3000 Espresso Machine Degreasing Tablets 10 pcs.

Take care of the cleanliness of your coffee machine with the Krups XS3000 cleaning tablets.

Krups XS3000 degreasing tablets are the key to excellent quality of your coffee every day.

The accumulation of grease in the coffee machine not only affects the taste of the drink, but also the performance and life span of the machine.

Regular use of the Krups XS3000 tablets guarantees the cleanliness of the internal parts of your espresso machine, ensuring optimum performance for a longer period of time.

Don’t let grease residues contaminate your favourite drink.

Get the assurance that every cup is as tasty as it should be with regular degreasing with the Krups XS3000.

Product features:

  • Effective removal of coffee residues, grease and other unwanted substances.
  • Ensures smooth operation of the coffee machine for a longer period of time.
  • Guarantees exceptional hygiene and tastier coffee.
  • Simple and convenient to use.

Product information:



  • Model: XS3000
  • Number of pcs.: 10 tablets
  • Material : Detergent for cleaning the coffee machine
  • Duration of use: Depends on the frequency of use of the coffee machine

Important information:

  • Product intended for regular cleaning of the coffee machine.
  • Does not have descaling properties.
  • Recommended use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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