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Cleaning Disc + Descaling 2 Tablets for Tassimo coffee Machine


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2 x High Quality German Made Descaling Tablets 

1 x Yellow Service T-Disc cleaning Disk for Tassimo drinks machines

Please note: If you used Orange disc - this won't work in your coffee maker Aqualogis Service T Disc compatible with Tassimo Bosch Brown - Yellow disc
Replacement of part number: 00611632, 00617771, 00576836, 00621101, 17001490, 611632, 617771, 576836, 621101 Fits to Tassimo coffee machine models: TA1000, TA1080, TA1100, TA1200 and TA1400 Series models Tassimo Vivy, T12, TAS12xx Vivy 2: T14, TAS14xx Amia: T20, TAS20xx  Suny: T32, T37, TAS32xx TAS37xx  Fidelia: T40, T42, TAS40xx TAS42xx   Fidelia+: T65, T85, TAS65xx  TAS85xx

This Coffee Maker T - Disc fits the following Bosch Coffee-Machines :

TAS1202GB/01, TAS1202GB/02, TAS1204/01, TAS1204/02, TAS1204CH/01, TAS1204CH/02, TAS1204EE/01, TAS1204EE/02, TAS1204GB/01, TAS1204GB/02, TAS2001/01, TAS2001/02, TAS2001/03, TAS2001/04, TAS2001/05, TAS2001/06, TAS2001CH/01, TAS2001CH/02, TAS2001CH/03, TAS2001CH/04, TAS2001CH/05, TAS2001CH/06, TAS2001DE1/01, TAS2001EE/03, TAS2001EE/04, TAS2001EE/05, TAS2001EE/06, TAS2001GB/01, TAS2001GB/02, TAS2001GB/03, TAS2001GB/04, TAS2001GB/05, TAS2001GB/06, TAS2001KR/03, TAS2001KR/04, TAS2001UC/01, TAS2001UC/02, TAS2001UC8/02, TAS2001UC8/03, TAS2001UC8/04, TAS2001UC8/05, TAS2001UC8/06, TAS2002GB/02, TAS2002GB/03, TAS2002GB/04, TAS2002GB/05, TAS2002GB/06, TAS4000GB/15, TAS4011/01, TAS4011/03, TAS4011/05, TAS4011/07, TAS4011/09, TAS4011/11, TAS4011/13, TAS4011/15, TAS4011AT1/01, TAS4011AT1/03, TAS4011AT1/05, TAS4011AT1/07, TAS4011AT1/09, TAS4011AT1/11, TAS4011AT1/13, TAS4011AT1/15, TAS4011CH/01, TAS4011CH/03, TAS4011CH/05, TAS4011CH/07, TAS4011CH/09, TAS4011CH/11, TAS4011CH/13, TAS4011CH/15, TAS4011CH1/01, TAS4011CH1/03, TAS4011CH1/05, TAS4011CH1/07, TAS4011DE/15, TAS4011DE1/01, TAS4011DE1/03, TAS4011DE1/05, TAS4011DE1/07, TAS4011DE1/09, TAS4011DE1/11, TAS4011DE1/13, TAS4011DE1/15, TAS4011DE2/05, TAS4011DE2/07, TAS4011DE2/09, TAS4011DE2/11, TAS4011DE2/13, TAS4011DE2/15, TAS4011EE/09, TAS4011EE/11, TAS4011EE/13, TAS4011EE/15, TAS4011ES1/05, TAS4011ES1/07, TAS4011ES1/09, TAS4011ES1/11, TAS4011ES1/13, TAS4011ES1/15, TAS4011FR1/01, TAS4011FR1/03, TAS4011FR1/05, TAS4011FR1/07, TAS4011FR2/05, TAS4011FR2/07, TAS4011FR2/09, TAS4011FR2/11, TAS4011FR2/13, TAS4011FR2/15, TAS4011GB/01, TAS4011GB/03, TAS4011GB/05, TAS4011GB/07, TAS4011GB/09, TAS4011GB/11, TAS4011GB/13, TAS4011GB/15, TAS4011MILKA00, TAS4012GB/01, TAS4012GB/03, TAS4012GB/05, TAS4012GB/07, TAS4012GB/09, TAS4012GB/11, TAS4012GB/13, TAS4012GB/15, TAS4013GB/03, TAS4013GB/05, TAS4013GB/07, TAS4013GB/09, TAS4013GB/11, TAS4013GB/13, TAS4013GB/15, TAS4211GB/09, TAS4211GB/11, TAS4211GB/13, TAS4211GB/15, TAS4212GB/09, TAS4212GB/11, TAS4212GB/13, TAS4212GB/15, TAS4213GB/09, TAS4213GB/11, TAS4213GB/13, TAS4213GB/15, TAS4615UC/03, TAS4615UC/05, TAS4615UC8/05, TAS4615UC8/06, TAS4616UC8/05, TAS4616UC8/06, TAS6515GB/01, TAS6515GB/03, TAS6515GB/05, TAS6515GB/07, TAS6515GB/09, TAS6515GB/11, TAS6515GB/13, TAS6515GB/15, TAS8520GB/05, TAS8520GB/07, TAS8520GB/09, TAS8520GB/11, TAS8520GB/13  Descale twice a month if you live in a hard water area – use 2 tablets Descale every other month if you live in a soft water area – use 2 tablet Delivered individually wrapped in airtight packaging Please note this is a compatible spare part not manufactured or sold by Tassimo

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 5 cm


Goods can be returned for exchange or refund within 14 days of delivery provided the item is returned unused, in its original packaging and with the manufacturer’s tags attached (if applicable). This does not affect your statutory rights.

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River Wharf Business Wharf

Unit 1, Mulberry Way



United Kingdom

Phone: +441322408516


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