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Bosch Siemens 00740560, 00740568 American Fridge Freezer Water Filter

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The Bosch UltraClarity fridge filter will help your water and ice reach its full flavor potential! For six months or more, this genuine OEM filter will help remove potentially harmful contaminants – from chlorine to particulates – leaving behind only pure and clean taste! Add one to your basket today!

  • Produces premium quality water & ice
  • Reduces chlorine taste & odor along with sediment
  • 2800 litre capacity
  • NSF 42 & 53 certified to reduce a broad spectrum of contaminants
  • Recommended replacement every 6 months

The UltraClarity is comparable with the following part numbers

The UltraClarity is comparable with the following part numbers

  •  00667256, FI24DP32, CI36BP01, FI24DP02, 740568 / FI50Z000, SCRNFLTR10 / 00740572,
  • 00643019, 00643046, 00740559
9000 077 095 9000 225 170 9000 077 096 Ultra Clarity 9000 193 914
KAD62S20/01 499850 9000 194 412 667256 Bypass Cartridge
KAD62V50GB/01 KAD62V70 KAD62xxx KAD62V40 RF411200/42
KAD62520/01 KAD62A70 KAD62P90 KAD62P90/01 KAD62S20
KAD62S20/01 KAD62S50 KAD62V00 KAD62V40 KAD62V50
KAD62V50GB/01 KAD62V70 KAD62xxx KAD62V40 RF411200/42
RF411200/43 RF411200/44 RF411200/97 RF413202/16 RF413202/17
RF413202/18 RF413202/97 RF463201AU/25 RF463201AU/28 RY491200/53
RY491200/54 RY491200/55 RY491200/56 SCRNFLTR10/02 9000 077 104

The fridge-freezer filter is compatible with the following Bosch fridges:

  • KAD62A7   0KAD62P90  KAD62S20  KAD62S50  KAD62V00  KAD62V40  KAD62V50  KAD62V70  KAD62V71
  • KAD62V72  KAD62V…KAD62A70 KAD62P90 KAD62S20 KAD62S50 KAD62V00 KAD62V40 KAD62V50 KAD62V70 KAD62xxxB22CS30SNS, B22CS30SNS-01, B22CS50SNS, B22CS50SNS/01, B22CS50SNS/02, B22CS50SNS/03, B22CS50SNW, B22CS50SNW/01, B22CS50SNW/02, B22CS50SNW/03, B22CS80SNS, B22CS80SNS/01, B22CS80SNS/02, B22CS80SNS/03, B26FT70SNS, B26FT70SNS/01Evolution 500 SeriesEvolution 800 SeriesKAD62 SeriesLinea 500 SeriesLinea 800 SeriesGaggenau RB 491 RF 411 RF 413 RF 461 RF 463 RF 471 RY 491Miele F 1411 Vi F 1471 Vi F 1811 Vi F 1911 Vi KF 1801 Vi KF 1811 Vi KF 1901 Vi KF 1911 ViNeff K5920L0 K5920xx K5930D0 K5930xx K5950N0Siemens: KAD62A70 * KAD62P90 * KAD62S20 * KAD62S50 * KAD62V00 * KAD62V40 * KAD62V50 * * CI36BP00 FI24DP00 * KA62DV70 * FI24NP30 * KA62xxxx * KA62DP90 * KAD62V70 *

Installation and replacement procedure for the Bosch Ultraclarity fridge water filter:

Water filter (type one) is located in the base grille of the refrigerator and Water filter (type two) is located in the filter cover inside the refrigerator.

  • Turn the old cartridge by 90 – 180 degrees left (the water will shut off automatically).
  • Gently pull the old water filter out and discard.
  • Remove the handle from the used filter.
  • Remove the protective cover from new filter.
  • Push the handle onto the new cartridge.
  • Push the new filter into the position.
  • Turn the filter by 90 – 180 degrees right.
  • Run water through the dispenser for 3 minutes to purge the system.
  • Reset the “change filter” indicator light, if your fridge has one. Please refer to our FAQs on how to reset the “change filter” indicator light for a particular fridge manufacturer.

 When to change a filter: The filter cartridge should be replaced when the replacement indicator light comes on or every 6 months.

Important: It is essential that operation, maintenance and filter replacement be carried out in accordance with manufacture’s recommended procedures and guidelines for this product to perform as advertised. Failure to do so may void warranty.


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