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Balay CS52 Dual Action Compatible Water Filter Cartridge Aqualogis AL-052CS


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Aqualogis AL-052CS Compatible with Balay CS52 Dual Action Filter

The aftermarket Aqualogis AL-052CS Premium Ice & Water Filter is used in refrigerators by Balay and others.  The AL 052CS is designed to replace the Balay 640565 filter.  It creates better tasting water for drinking and making beverages as well as clean, clearer, healthy ice. 

The CS-52 fridge filter replaces or is compatible with the following filter part numbers:

5586605       640565 Cuno OCS CS-51 CS-51
5586606 Cuno OCS CS-52 Dual Action Filter  


  • High quality, inexpensive alternative to factory original filter
  • Helps reduce chlorine taste and odor
  • Helps reduce contaminants found in tap water and improves its quality

Installation and replacement procedure for the Balay CS-52 fridge water filter:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator water supply and unplug the refrigerator.
  • Press the knob at the top of the filter case and remove the cover from the compartment.
  • Turn the filter 1/4 turn to the left (counter clockwise).
  • Pull the filter straight out and discard.
  • Remove the protective cap from the new water filter.
  • Insert the new filter into the holder.
  • Turn the filter 1/4 turn to the right (clockwise) to lock it into place.
  • Replace the filter cover back into the compartment.
  • Reconnect the refrigerator water supply and plug the refrigerator back in.
  • Flush the new filter for 5 minutes to purge the system.
  • Reset the “change filter” indicator light:
    Bosch / Siemens / Neff / Gaggenau fridges: Press and hold the Water Filter Reset button for 5 seconds. Newer models: Press the Options button until the “filter change” function is selected, and then press selection button “+” or “-” until the “filter Change” display goes out.

When to change a filter: There is a replacement indicator message to change the filter cartridge on the digital panel. The water filter cartridge should be replaced when the “filter change” message appears, or every 12 months, or if you notice a decrease in flow of water.


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